Breadman Organic Bakery

Breadman is the only 100 per cent Vegan bakery in New Zealand. Everything used is certified Vegan and the organic ingredients are grown within 100 kilometres from the bakery. They are freshly milled each day. 

Breadman Organic Bakery specialises in traditional German style rye breads. The three most popular breads are Rye Sourdough, Mountain Rye Sourdough and Pumpernickel. 

Rye Sourdough is made from just three ingredients: rye, water and salt. Naturally fermented with no added yeast, it is easy to digest and promotes gut health. It has a compact, springy texture, full flavour and aroma. Because it is made using fermentation, the bread is alive and will continue to mature over ten days — the older it gets the better it tastes!

Mountain Rye Sourdough is baked using the same traditional German recipe as the Rye Sourdough. Caraway seeds, fennel seeds and coriander add an extra taste sensation. 

Pumpernickel has a dark colour, dense texture and tangy taste. It is naturally high in dietary fibre and low in sugar and fat. It’s excellent for hors d’oeuvres served with smoked salmon, cured meats and pâtés. Or serve plain or toasted with a hearty soup for lunch.

Breadman Organic Breads are now available nationwide from selected health food stores, New World Stores, or you can order direct from 


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