I’ve always admired the original logo featured on Brown Brothers Australian wine labels. It’s one of those designs that simply says, ‘time-honoured and trustworthy’.  And I am glad to see it still highlighted on their blazingly beautiful new labels for the 1889 range now known as the Brown Brothers Origins Series.

The new labels are influenced by the ‘origins’ of the wines.

The 2018 Origins Shiraz label is inspired by Australia’s rich farming history. It’s a medium-bodied, bright, brick-red Heathcoat Shiraz with dark berry aromas and classic pepper notes. My family enjoyed it with a Thai beef salad but it’s also great with seared tuna dusted in freshly ground black pepper.

The 2020 Origins Cabernet Sauvignon label — inspired by the artisanship of French winemaking techniques, traditions and perseverance — reflects the long-held practises of Brown Brothers fourth generation winemaking. The wine has aromas of blackcurrant and dark fruits, and its colour and flavour are awesomely concentrated. It married well with our peppered sirloin steak, but it also complemented with an aged cheddar and, surprisingly, a rich chocolate dessert.

The 2020 Origins Merlot label is inspired by the sprawling Old World forest estates with their lavender fields and charming chateaux. The merlot has aromas of berries, herbs and spices. This medium-bodied wine was a great match for our chicken cacciatore but would equally as yummy with Chinese dishes.  

The 2021 Origins Prosecco NV is inspired by Italian growing methods. Brown Brothers was one of the first companies to plant Prosecco in Victoria’s cool King Valley. And although the vineyard is 485 metres above sea level, the area is climatically very close to that of northeast Italy’s Prosecco growing area.

Prosecco is increasing in popularity and this Brown Brothers’ drop with its delicate apple and pear-like characters make this bubbly great for pre-Christmas and summer celebrations with friends, or an all-year-round pre-dinner aperitif. A perfect marriage with deli platters and sushi. However, we loved it with strawberry pavlova.


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