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Editing; editorial; press releases; newspaper and magazine articles;  advertorial and copy writing; travel and wine writing; international and local product development; recipe development; menu development; food photography; food styling; product launching; radio and television communications; video; promotions; cookbooks.

Jan Bilton and her husband, journalist Michael Ryan, own and operate Irvine Holt.  

Together they were responsible for the editing The Foodtown Magazine, Jan for 16 years and Michael for nine. The magazine was the fastest growing lifestyle publication in New Zealand.

In 2007 Jan and Michael moved from Auckland city to Marlborough wine country. Here they wrote, photographed and published two food/wine books one of which, Marlborough on the Menu won Best Food/Wine Guide in the Le Cordon Bleu World Food Media Awards. Plus they published a funky new edition of Jan's Tamarillo Cookbook.

For family reasons, Jan and Michael moved to Cambridge for a five-year stint. During that time they wrote, photographed and produced Taste Waikato , a cookbook fundraiser for Rotary Cambridge showcasing the foods, wines and producers of the mighty Waikato.  However, wine country beckoned again and they returned to Marlborough in 2021.

Michael’s background was as a director/writer and producer of TV documentaries and as a newspaper journalist. He has assisted with the editing and publication of a novel and written numerous travel articles published together with his unique photography.  

Currently Michael provides New Zealand clients with editorial, advertorial and press releases.  

Jan has a food and textile science degree from Otago University and graduated in International Marketing from Auckland University of Technology.

After writing and self-publishing her New Zealand Kiwifruit Cookbook she promoted kiwifruit and other New Zealand foods in the USA, Canada, Asia and Australia.

For two years Jan was marketing manager for Lion Breweries' restaurants (135) and subsequently opened the successful Auckland waterfront restaurant, Saints.

Jan syndicates a weekly food column to New Zealand regional newspapers, is a food judge, food stylist, food photographer, a regular magazine contributor and marketing consultant. Jan's articles have been published in many major New Zealand magazines as well as several in Australia and the USA. She is the author of 27 cookbooks many of which have been top sellers internationally. She has also edited five cookbooks for recognised publishers.

Jan was the presenter and creator of recipes for the 13-part TV cooking programme Fresh & Fancy Fare shown internationally and presenter for In the Kitchen for CTV. She has been a frequent guest on morning TV food shows and was presenter of a food programme on radio for five years.

As one of New Zealand leading food consultants, Jan believes in providing recipes that are simple to prepare, nourishing, stylish and tasty — Real Food for Real People.




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