Gourmet Trails Australia & New Zealand.

Lonely Planet celebrates 40 perfect culinary weekends in New Zealand and Australia

Eleven New Zealand regions are showcased including Hawke’s Bay, Bay of Islands, Waiheke Island, Central Otago, Marlborough and the West Coast

Meet the producers and celebrate the ingenuity and passion of New Zealand’s best food and wine regions

“This book showcases why New Zealand is considered such a heavyweight on the global gourmet scene,” boasts Lonely Planet who celebrate New Zealand’s ultimate culinary experiences with the release of their latest title from the Lonely Planet Food imprint Gourmet Trails Australia & New Zealand.

Having tasted their way around the country the team of Lonely Planet writers has delivered a definitive showcase of New Zealand’s epicurean regions via tailored itineraries that celebrate vibrant local produce and the creative minds that deliver these culinary delights.

“With an abundance of hip restaurants, food markets, craft-beer breweries, micro-distilleries, vineyards, coffee roasters, cheesemakers and specialist providers you don’t have to go any further than New Zealand's own backyard to experience world class produce,” says Lonely Planet.

“I think this may have been the best job I’ve ever done for Lonely Planet,” muses contributing author Chris Zeiher. “We collectively ate and drank our way up and down New Zealand to come up with these amazing weekend itineraries in some of the countries prettiest spots,” Zeiher says.

The New Zealand regions covered are:

North Island — Wellington, Hawke’s Bay, Auckland, Bay of Islands, Wairarapa and Waiheke Island

South Island — Central Otago, Christchurch, Marlborough, West Coast and Nelson

“This is a celebration of New Zealand’s culinary ingenuity and now is the perfect time for Kiwis to experience what they have in their own backyard,” says Lonely Planet’s Chris Zeiher. “Whether it’s gourmet grazing on the West Coast, downing a crisp dry rosé whilst indulging in a long lazy lunch on Waiheke Island, following the craft beer trail in Nelson or celebrating small-batch success in Auckland there’s something for all tastes in this tome.”

NZ$39.99 | Hardback ISBN - 9781838691028

Orange & Hemp Seed Flour Cake

Uncle Joe's New Flours

Uncle Joe's walnut company originated in the early 1990s when a Nelson man named his business after his favourite Uncle Joe who lived in Blenheim. He enjoyed time with him sitting around the fire listening to the rugby, cracking walnuts and throwing the walnut shells into the fire.

Now owned by the Horwell family, the company has developed an impressive, award-winning product line which also includes hazelnuts, nut and seed oils and flours, pastes and meals. Many trees have been planted on their property just out of Blenheim but they also buy nuts from other parts of New Zealand.

"We all love the fact that we are growing good, healthy food," says Jenny Horwell

The nut and seed flours are a product started from their oil production.

"After the oil is squeezed from the kernels a dry pellet is formed and this is ground into a fine flour, again providing all the goodness of the seed or nut from which it is produced."

Walnut and seed flours are perfect for the health-conscious, gluten-free cook. One-hundred per cent natural, the flours add goodness, flavour and texture to coatings, bakes and desserts. For baking, you can use half nut or seed flour and half gluten-free flour as the nut flours are quite substantial. 

The five Uncle Joe Gluten-free flours available are: walnut, blackcurrant seed, hemp seed, kiwifruit seed and grape seed.

For more information and delicious recipes go to unclejoes.co.nz


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